Nicola Meyer


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phone/whatsapp: +39 333 4197458
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Cuoieria Toscana
via Carlo Pisacane 10

58100 Grosseto
Tuscany – Italy

Leather Designer & LeatherSmith

Logo Nicola Meyer Bianco 45x45

I’m a Designer & LeatherSmith specialized in making premium leather cases and leather goods full of innovation with an eye to tradition. I’m skilled in the Art of designs combining various excellent and first quality raw materials into long-lasting leather articles. My designs have been sold all over Europe, USA and Japan. I’ve collaborated with some of the most reputable Company such as Isetan Mitsukoshi, Beams Japan, WP Lavori in Corso, Natural Creation, Yagicho Co. Ltd.
I’m currently working as a “LeatherSmith” in my Workshop located in southern Tuscany in a wild land called “Maremma”. Actually I’m Making and working on Customer’s request on customized handmade leather articles and leather covers for Apple or Samsung devices. The handmade and slow-time concepts are at the basis of My Idea of production: slow tanned leather, slow manual operations, accuracy and quality control lead me far away from contemporary idea of mass-production.

I use carefully selected calf leathers tanned with vegetable essences extracted from plants and barks according to the old Tuscan tanning secrets. I also use many natural materials all made in Italy such as Italian cotton lining, Metal accessories made in Italy certified. The continue research for new stunning materials brings me to find also the best exotic leather: alligator, ostrich, python, shark, stingray all tanned in Italy or the excellent and expensive Shell Cordovan Leather made by a Famous Tannery in Chicago.
To see a selection of my designs and leather goods and handmade case, take a look at my SHOP page.
REGARDING my LOGO: the Little Horse is a sign found on an ancient Etruscian epigraph here in Maremma, my countryland, where Etruscian people lived thousands of years ago before Romans colonization.

Nicola Meyer